Scrap Metal Recycling Preston

Choosing Maxilead Metals is choosing a trusted scrap metal recycling service. Based out of our Manchester location we’re able to offer scrap metal recycling services in Preston. By choosing us you’re opting for a range of recycling services, whether that be scrapping your car, recycling scrap metal, renting a skip or recycling electronic equipment – Maxilead can help.

As trusted buyers of scrap metal, we can help you trade ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals at our state of the art scrap metal yard. We even offer metal analysis and metal grading on and off site. Our services take the stress away from scrap metal recycling.

Trade Scrap Metal in Preston

We know that price is more important than ever these days and as such we provide competitive metal market prices for all varieties of metal. You can recycle all grades of scrap metal with us including:

  • All grades of steel and all grades of iron
  • Scrap copper and scrap brass
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Lead
  • Alloys

We can also recycle your unwanted wire cables, batteries and catalytic converters. Whatever it is you want to recycle, we have the means to do it.

Trade WEEE in Preston

We can trade your waste electrical and electronic equipment at a great price. WEEE recycling is one of our specialities and as such we are able to recycle all kinds of electronic equipment. There’s no item too great or small that we can’t recycle.

Other Helpful Recycling Services in Preston

Outside of our usual recycling services in Preston we can also offer other recycling services such as car salvage, container rental and machine removal.

For more info about our scrap metal recycling services or to find out our current scrap metal prices, contact us today. We’re here to make recycling scrap metal easy and efficient.

View our extensive scrap metal recycling services in Preston here.

Scrap Metal Recycling

See how we can help you with your WEE recycling. We’re experts in electronic and electrical equipment.

WEEE Recycling