Scrap Metal Recycling Stockport

Let Maxilead Metals take care of your scrap metal recycling in Stockport. From our Manchester location we cover Stockport and the surrounding area. We have a range of services that cover all types of scrap metal recycling. Our extensive range of metal recycling facilities include:

  • Metal scrapping and metal collection
  • Car scrapping, vehicle recycling, including batteries and catalytic converters
  • WEEE recycling
  • Container rental and skip hire
  • Cable processing and wire recycling
  • Metal processing – metal analysis and metal grading, on and off site

The North West’s Leading Scrap Metal Dealers

We’re one of the leading scrap metal dealers in the North West. By offering a trustworthy and reliable service we’ve been able to build up a reputation as one of the best scrap metal merchants in Stockport. We can offer metal processing and metal grading off site or  at our scrap metal recycling yard in Tyldesley.

Our prices are competitive and our services exemplary. We are proud to present our customers with the most competitive metal scrap prices for all types of metal, including ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals:

  • All grades of steel and all grades of iron
  • Scrap copper and scrap brass
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Lead
  • Wire / Cable

We also recycle scrap vehicles, as well as alloys, batteries and catalytic convertors.

Trade Your WEEE at Maxilead Metals

Get rid of the stress and hassle of recycling your waste electrical and electronic waste with Maxilead Metals. We offer the best prices for WEEE recycling in Stockport . We deal with all types of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Talk to us Today About Scrap Metal Recycling in Stockport.

Talk to us today about our scrap metal services in Stockport and how we can help your business improve its recycling. We even offer a membership scheme if you recycle scrap metal frequently in Stockport. Talk to our team about it today.  For a more in-depth understanding of our services, take a look at our pages below.


WEEE recycling in Stockport is made easy again with our services. Take a look at our WEEE recycling page to get a full understanding of our services.

WEEE Recycling Stockport
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Take a look at our scrap metal recycling services in Stockport page to gain an understanding of how our scrap metal services work.

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