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Maxilead Metals has a state of the art scrap metal recycling centre based in Manchester that serves the North West and the rest of the UK.

We provide commercial skip hire services to suit your company’s needs, whether you need secure storage for high-grade scrap metal or a chain skip for low volume waste disposal.

Maxilead Metals’ skips can be delivered and collected anywhere in the UK. So, whether you need a skip for a one-off project or on a regular basis, we’re sure to have the right skip to suit your business’ scrap metal requirements.

Maxilead Metals has a choice of skips available:

  • Chain Skips
  • Hook Skips
  • Flatbed Skips
  • Enclosed Hook Skip
  • Enclosed Chain Skips
  • Curtain Side Hook Skip
  • Curtain Side Trailer
  • Flat Bed Trailer
  • Tipping Trailer
  • Plastic Bins
  • Secure Forklift Bins

What can the Maxilead Metal skips be used for?

  • Low volume waste disposal
  • High volume waste disposal
  • Oversized pieces of metal
  • Moving heavy machinery
  • High quality grades of metal
  • Safe and Secure containment
  • Scrap Battery containment
  • Internal storage (stackable design)
  • Site Clearance

Expert Service

Here at Maxilead Metals we take pride in our professional, quality service and with 30 years of experience as recycling specialists, each skip hire service is tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients.

We’ve developed a knowledgeable team who have a wealth of experience and Maxilead Metals has our own flexible vehicle fleet. Together these expert services ensure we always deliver a cost-effective skip hire and waste management service that is of most convenience for our clients and of greatest benefit to the environment.

So, if your company needs efficient skip delivery and skip collection or you require Environment Agency-approved storage solutions, the Maxilead Metals skip hire service can provide you with the scrap metal solutions your business needs.

To order a skip for your metal or to find out any more information, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Skip Services

How do I know what skip size I’ll need?

This depends on the nature of your project.

Most larger projects – including industrial demolitions or construction – are likely to require a high volume skip, such as a 40-yard open container or hook/roll-on-roll-off skip. If you are still unsure of the size you’ll need, don’t hesitate to contact Maxilead Metals for advice today.

What can go in a skip?

Most industrial metal waste can be put into our skips, including:

  • Low volume waste disposal
  • High volume waste disposal
  • Oversized pieces of metal
  • Moving heavy machinery
  • High-quality grades of metal
  • Scrap Batteries
  • Site Clearance / Demolition Skip

Just take care not to dispose of hazardous waste in a Maxilead skip, or to stack waste beyond the fill line.

What cannot go in a skip?

We ask that you do not place hazardous waste in our skips. This includes material that may be dangerous to individuals or to the environment.

You should avoid placing asbestos, animal or medical waste or corrosive or explosive chemicals in your skip. Other materials that cannot be accepted include paints and oils, gas canisters and tyres.

If you are unsure about whether a certain item can be placed in a skip, contact Maxilead Metals for advice.

How high can I fill the skip?

You should not stack waste higher than this level, as it may cause damage to the container or the vehicle used to collect it – or items may fall out when it is in situ or being moved.

Do You Provide Commercial Skip Services?

Absolutely. Maxilead Metals works primarily with manufacturers, industrial specialists and trade businesses.

Get in touch with Maxilead to see what we can do for you.


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