Which Skip is Best for Me?

If you have a lot of waste that needs disposing of, you’ll probably be wanting to hire a skip in order to store and dispose of it. The type of skip you’ll want will depend on what you want out of it (as well as what kind of business you are and how much waste you have on your hands. Here at Maxilead, we have a wide variety of skip services available, all of which boast different benefits.

8 – 14 Yard Chain Skips

8 – 14 Yard chain skips are the most common kind of skip that you’re likely to see. They’re usually the container which is used on building sites or domestic premises and can stack on top of one and other when not being used. They come in different sizes starting with an 8 yard up to a 14 yard depending on the quantity of material you have. These skips can be used both insides, and outside and:

  • Can be used for low volume waste disposal
  • Can be used for residential and commercial premises
  • Have an enclosed version available to keep high-value material such as cable safe
  • Have a maximum 5-tonne capacity


Who is this skip best for?

This kind of skip would be best for anybody looking to dispose of low volume, high-value metals. The skip can securely contain metals and is a good piece of equipment for those who have too much metal on their hands to leave lying around, but not so much that they need a serious piece of equipment to manoeuvre it. As this skip is the most common, it is pretty ideal for most people and most areas of work, it would not be recommended, however, for jobs such as large scale demolition, as this kind of job is likely to generate more waste than the skip could hold.

Open Rope Skips

Open rope skips are similar to yard chain skips in the sense that they are deep containers that hold the metal. Again, they are better for low volumes of waste metal disposal but are also shaped differently so that they can hold longer pieces of metal that a yard chain skip would fail to accommodate for. Open rope skips:

  • Can be used on all types of industrial sites
  • Can be used for commercial premises
  • Have a 7 Tonne capacity
  • Are available with low and high sides


Who is this skip best for?

This kind of skip would be best for, anybody looking to dispose of low volume, high-value metals but has a different shape of the metal that would not fit within a yard chain skip. This kind of skip and it’s alternating sides is most convenient for commercial premises; it’s slightly higher capacity means it can take on slightly bigger jobs, but again should not be used for big demolition-type jobs.

Hook / RoRo skip

The 40cu yard hook skip is a much bigger skip. The equipment is big enough to store large quantities of scrap metal in and is deep enough to ensure that if the job takes longer than a day, your materials are safe. This skip is suitable for large quantities, and large items of scrap metal. It boasts the utmost convenience for anybody looking to recycle such materials. The hook skip:

  • Can be used for high volume waste disposal
  • Can be used for Large Industrial premises
  • Can be used for oversized pieces of metal
  • Has an outstanding 15 Tonne capacity
  • Is available with both low, or high sides

25cu-Yard-Open-Rope-Skip-1 (1)

Maxilead can provide a 45cu yark hook open skip, which is perfect for the aforementioned reasons and can be used for various jobs of which are entailed below.

Who is this skip best for?

This kind of skip is best utilised in large industrial premises, yet can be used for smaller ones too. Due to its high capacity and convenient shape, the skip can hold vast quantities of metals and in all shapes and sizes, making it an ideal choice for large waste disposal and for bigger jobs. The safe and secure containment means that it can be used for jobs that go on for long periods of time, as its deep structure is hard to penetrate.

Flat Bed Skip

The flatbed skip is a little different from the previous skips, it is not primarily used for storing materials, rather transporting them instead. The flatbed is best used for moving heavy machinery and big bulky pieces of metal that are too large to fit in a standard skip. It has a convenient roll-on, roll off design so that heavy lifting machinery is not required and has optional sides for transportation. The flatbed skip:

  • Is best for moving heavy machinery and plant
  • Can move and hold any oversized pieces of metal
  • Can move and hold wide loads of metal


Who is this skip best for?

This kind of skip doesn’t necessarily store metals but is best for transporting them (including machinery). This kind of equipment is also better for large objects that will not fit in any of the above skips, yet still need disposing of. It is likely to be best for large industrial jobs and on the same kinds of premises; yet can be useful to anybody who has a large piece of metal or machinery that they cannot move alone.

Enclosed Hook / RoRo Skip

The enclosed skip is a lower volume skip than the likes of a standard open top roro, but boasts the benefits of having an additional locking feature for the utmost safety and security. This skip is deep enough to hold metals ready for recycling, and the locking feature means it is suitable for jobs that are likely to extend over a period of time, as safety is always ensured. High-value metal is best stored in this type of skip as its features can ensure its heightened safety. The enclosed yard skip:

  • Can be used on all types of industrial sites
  • Is best for storing high value metal
  • Is a secure form of storage (fully lockable)


Maxilead can rent out an enclosed 25cu yard skip for all your metal containment and recycling needs.

Who is this skip best for?

This kind of skip is best for jobs that involve the disposal of high value metals, and for jobs that are likely to extend for a period of time as the secure locking feature ensures the utmost safety. This skip is best suited to low capacity disposal, so bigger jobs such as total demolition aren’t ideal and are better suited to the yard hook open skip. However, this piece of equipment can be used on all types of industrial sites and can hold large shapes of metal, making it very flexible and convenient.

Looking for something similar to a skip, but not a skip?

If you’re looking for a disposal unit that isn’t as voluminous as a skip then Maxilead also offers plastic container storage facilities and 2cu forklift bins. These kinds of storage are best for very small jobs and small amounts of waste for disposal, they provide a perfect storage solution for those looking to dispose of batteries, for example. The small yet convenient size and the availability of a lid makes these kinds of storage facilities perfect for containing high-value metals as they can be kept inside and are perfect for small engineering firms.

To find out more about what kinds of skips and storage facilities Maxilead offer, or to get a quote, contact us today.

Thu, 18 March 2021

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