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Maxilead Metals has a state of the art scrap metal recycling centre based in Manchester that serves the North West and the rest of the UK.

  • 45cu Yard Hook Open Skip
  • High volume waste disposal
  • Large Industrial premises
  • Oversized pieces of metal
  • 15 Tonne capacity
  • Available with low or high sides

Designed for high volume waste disposal, the 45 cu Yard Open Top Hook Skip is ideal for the disposal of high quantities and large items of scrap metal. Suitable for large industrial premises, Maxilead Metals’ open top hook skip provides a hassle – free containment solution for your high-grade scrap metal.

What can the Maxilead Metal skips be used for?

  • Low volume waste disposal
  • High volume waste disposal
  • Oversized pieces of metal
  • Moving heavy machinery
  • High quality grades of metal
  • Safe and Secure containment
  • Scrap Battery containment
  • Internal storage (stackable design)

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