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Maxilead is one of the most renowned WEEE recycling companies in the North West. We offer efficient and effective electrical waste recycling solutions for blue chip companies, businesses, public organisations and local authorities across the UK.

Here at Maxilead Metals, we strive to offer all our customers the very best price for their electrical waste products.

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We are WEEE recycling specialists We are licensed to accept:

Large Domestic Appliances and small electrical goods.

As a registered Authorised Treatment Facility, we can accept WEEE off local Councils, Take- back Schemes and Producer Compliance Schemes.

What WEEE services do we provide?

Our electrical waste recycling solutions are available as part of our corporate recycling and waste management packages, however, we are also happy to quote for ad hoc WEEE waste collection, WEEE treatment and WEEE disposal services, providing a full audit trail and Provision of Evidence Notes as part of our standard professional practice.

Maxilead Metals use state of the art equipment

In recent years, we have invested in a new plant with state-of-the-art equipment, which enables us to remove hazardous substances, recover more materials and ensure safe electrical waste disposal.

By using leading industry processes, our fully trained team are experts in all aspects of WEEE recycling, including WEEE waste collection, WEEE storage, WEEE treatment, WEEE destruction and WEEE disposal.

Why should I recycle Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) products?

Electrical waste recycling is a specialist part of the waste and recycling industry. WEEE items contain a range of materials that can be separated for recycling and used in new products.

Every year an estimated 2 million tonnes of WEEE items are discarded by householders and companies in the UK. WEEE includes most products that have a plug or need a battery.*
If electrical items end up in landfill, hazardous substances could leak out and cause soil and water contamination – harming wildlife and even human health.
*Source: Health & Safety Executive

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