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Our vehicle-recycling services Maxilead Metals are an Authorised Treatment Facility for recycling End of Life Vehicles and provide a safe, legal way of scrapping and recycling unwanted vehicles in accordance with the ELV Directive. Based at our custom-built metal recycling facilities in Manchester, we provide a range of vehicle recycling services including vehicle collection, vehicle dismantling, vehicle salvage, vehicle scrapping, vehicle storage and vehicle bailing.

How it Works

1.Your vehicle is weighed on our weighbridge

2.Your vehicle is then depolluted. We remove the tyres, battery and ensure that all hazardous fluids are drained.

3.The vehicle is then destructed and turned into a cube of metal within 40 seconds, it is then ready to be recycled into a new high quality metal product.

4.We then take your V5 log book and notify DVLA that your vehicle has been scrapped, you will then be issued with a Certificate of Destruction.

5.You will be paid by cheque or bank transfer for your vehicle according to its weight. So whether a vehicle has reached the end of its life or has been written off, Maxilead Metals will ensure that you get the maximum return for your vehicle, without the hassle of having to do any paperwork.

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