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Here at Maxilead Metals, our experts provide a range of specialist metal analysis, identification and testing for clients across the UK. For your convenience, we can analyse your scrap metal at any location in the UK or at our Manchester-based recycling centre.

To ensure that our clients receive a fast and accurate metal analysis service, we have invested in the very latest metal and alloy testing technology. With our specifically enhanced detection equipment, we can identify precious metals, metal alloys and other recyclable materials with accuracy and with the knowledge that they will be ready to be made into something else once we have finished with them.

We use the latest technology to grade your scrap metal and separate ferrous from non-ferrous materials of various types – including nickel alloys, chrome, iron and stainless steel. As we offer a superior metal sorting and segregation service, we are able to quickly identify which metals can be reused or recycled – this means that we can control the scrap metal that we receive whilst providing quality assurance for our customers.

We pride ourselves on always delivering fast and accurate metal identification, testing and grading services to our clients – whilst always offering our customers the best prices on scrap metal.


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Metal Analysis: Frequently Asked Questions

How much is scrap metal worth?

The value of scrap metal is never fixed, and may fluctuate. The amount of money your scrap metal is worth depends on the quantity, type and quality of the material.

How do I identify scrap metal?

The simplest way to categorise metals is by dividing them into ferrous and non-ferrous groups. This can be determined by testing them with magnets. If they are magnetic, they are ferrous. If not, they are non-ferrous.

You can also look at the colour of the metal, its weight and the way in which it rusts – as well as its previous use. If you still can’t work out exactly what your metal is, you may need to get it professionally tested. 

Maxilead Metals may be able to help you identify your metals – so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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