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Scrap Metal Recycling Services.

For over 35 years Maxilead Metals have been providing both the public and large blue chip companies with scrap metal recycling solutions. Being part of an industry that’s worth £5.6 billion has its responsibilities. Our first concern is to ensure our relationship with our clients is first rate, providing one of the best and most trusted scrap metal recycling services in Manchester.

We Recycle Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals.

Ferrous metals are magnetic and most commonly known as Iron and Steel. This type of scrap metal usually takes the form of structural material and household appliances.

Non Ferrous metals are non magnetic. This type of scrap metal comes in many grades for example copper, lead, aluminium and stainless steel.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art recycling centre in Manchester we’re able to recycle both types of scrap metal. We can also offer scrap metal collection and scrap metal analysis. We take a comprehensive approach to scrap metal recycling; everything is thought of and everything is taken care of.

We recycle the following:

For over 35 years Maxilead Metals have been providing both the public and large blue chip companies with scrap metal recycling solutions.

We recycle all grades of ferrous metal, including:

  • Light Iron
  • Steel
  • Weee Waste
  • Large Domestic Appliances
  • Plate & Girder
  • Mixed Metal Scrap
  • Cast Iron
  • Wrought Iron
  • Demolition Steel
  • Engineering Steel

All grades of non ferrous metal, including:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lead
  • Cable
  • Batteries

If you have some scrap metal that needs recycling, no matter of the grade or quantity we will be interested. To get an up to date price, please email a picture or details to contact us or give us a call on 0161 790 5105.

Help planet Earth. Recycle.

Taking part in the global concern of recycling is a responsibility we take very seriously at Maxilead Metals. Our work is our life, and as such the quality of our scrap metal recycling services in Manchester is second to none. By recycling with us you are helping to reduce carbon emissions as well as the amount of materials going into landfills. By working with us you’re working to help the planet.

Alongside our excellent scrap metal recycling services we also offer clients up-to-date metal market prices, allowing to enjoy the financial benefits as well as benefiting the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scrap Metal Recycling

Is all metal recyclable?

Almost all metals are recyclable, but there are a few exceptions. The most commonly recycled metals are aluminum, brass, bronze, iron, copper, steel and tin.

If you are not sure about a particular material, just ask the Maxilead Metals team for advice.

What metals cannot be recycled?

Contaminated, radioactive and heavily corroded metals are not suitable for recycling. These may include paint and oil cans, treated metal cooking pans, items that contain mercury or radioactive materials like radium or plutonium, and any severely rusted items.

How does metal recycling work?

Once we receive your scrap metal, the team at Maxilead set to work recycling as much of it as we can. We separate and sort all metals into different kinds, then weigh them.

Can you recycle rusted metal?

Rusted metal may be recycled as long as the corrosion has not eaten through too much of the material. Metal that is rusty is likely to be of poorer quality, so it is worth less.

How can I get the best price for my scrap metal?

Maxilead Metals always offers the best possible price for any scrap metal. However, there are some things you can do to increase the value of your metal waste.

This includes separating it by type, cleaning it and removing any non-recyclable elements – as this reduces the number of man hours our team will need to spend doing this. The class and quality of the metals you bring to us will also determine your remuneration amount.

Why does the price of scrap metal change?

The “market value” of scrap metal depends on levels of demand for a certain material vs the volume of supply, the influence of the stock market, the cost of shipping the metal and the rates offered by different processing plants.

Do I need my ID to recycle scrap metal?

Yes, you either need a photographic ID that includes your current address, or a photo ID along with suitable documentation with your name and address on it – such as a utility bill – in order to drop scrap metal off with us.

Where can I recycle scrap metal in Manchester?

The Maxilead Metals HQ features a fully equipped scrap metal recycling plant. You can find us at Parr Bridge Works, Mosley Common Road, Tyldesley, Manchester, where we will accept all recyclable metals and process them in the most sustainable manner possible.

Get in touch to receive a great price on scrap metal recycling.

Do you provide scrap metal recycling for business?

Yes – Maxilead Metals regularly provides scrap metal collection and recycling services for a range of sectors, including manufacturing and industrial fields as well as trade businesses.

What industrial and commercial recycling solutions do you provide?

Maxilead Metals offers state of the art skip and container hire and waste metal collection – as well as scrap metal analysis.

We can scrap or recycle both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as WEEE – and we’ll even take specialist industrial waste metal such as plate and girder, cast iron, wrought iron, demolition steel and engineering steel.

Get in touch with Maxilead to see what we can do for you.


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