Andy Burnham MP Pays us a Visit

We were recently visited by local MP Andy Burnham, who came to our site to get an insight into our industry and to see how we were tackling the bad press associated with metal theft at the moment.

As one of the largest metal processers in the North West, he was very interested in our thoughts and procedures.

We discussed with Mr Burnham the procedures that we have put in place to help combat buying stolen metals. Maxilead have invested heavily in Smart Water Torches, CCTV Cameras and have been working closely with local authorities and the Police.

Mr Burnham was using the information he gained from his visit to our site for when Members of Parliment meet to discuss matters, ahead of a ministerial announcement.

We all believe that our industry is looking for major changes in 2012. We would just encourage that these changes would be for the better.

Fri, 27 January 2012

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