Celebrating 10,000 New Members at Maxilead

Almost 3 years after our Maxilead Metals Members Scheme was set up we have almost reached 10,000 new members. What an achievement!

There are lots of benefits and rewards to becoming a member. To prevent you having to show your ID each time you visit the yard, on your next visit we will sign you up to the Members scheme. All you need to do is bring your photo ID, either a photocard driving licence or Passport and utility bill. It takes a minute to sign you up, then you will be issued with your very own Maxilead Membership card on the spot.

Another added benefit of having a members card, is that we can guarantee the best possible prices on all grades. It’s our way of saying thanks!!

So next time you have any scrap metal to weigh in, come to Maxilead Metals and become part of the Members Club!

All of us at Maxilead Metals want to thank  our customers for their loyalty and support during our 30 years in business and we look forward to joining up the next 10,000 new members.

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Will you be our 10,000th new member???

Mon, 17 August 2015

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