How Do I Recycle My Copper Boiler?

Copper is a valuable commodity in the scrap metal world and prices for scrap, while they fluctuate throughout the year, normally go between £3-£4 per kilo.

There are a lot of fittings in an average home that are made of good quality copper, particularly plumbing. While a lot of it is hidden away, sometimes repairs like a new boiler come up, which mean this old copper will need to be taken out and replaced.

To this end, it makes sense to find out the value of the copper boiler that you are ripping out.

When you’re getting a boiler replaced, the fitter will usually get rid of the old one for you. However, before the work begins, it’s a good idea to come to some agreement about who will cash in the scrap metal when it’s ripped out.

It could affect the price of fitting in a new boiler, so make sure you have open dialogue with your tradesperson before the job goes ahead.

The benefit of handing it all over to the gas engineer is that you don’t have to worry about transporting the scrap metal to your selected recycling plant.

However, if you have time on your hands, you can ring a few scrap yards in your area and get an idea of what price to expect when it comes to weighing in.

The price you should expect when you weigh in a copper boiler will vary between £40-£80. This will depend on the scrap yard’s price of copper per kilo and the actual weight of the boiler you’re bringing in.

Here at Maxilead Metals we can offer premium prices on all grades of copper. Got a higher price elsewhere? We will match it!

Pipes are also quite lucrative, and if you have any copper pipes that have come off the job, bundle them in them in together to up your return.

Another way to get a better price is to make sure your boiler is stripped of other parts, so if there is an insulation jacket on the metal or any brass fittings, make sure you remove all these extra parts.
If you have any questions regarding the price of copper, or how much a scrap copper boiler is, contact Maxilead Metals today.

Tue, 23 March 2021

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