How to Make Money off your Scrap Metal

As you’re probably aware, it’s important to recycle. But did you know that you can actually make money off recycling your old scrap metal – what better motivation do you need?

The process of recycling metal in exchange for cash is easy and made even easier by Maxilead Metals. Below is a short yet handy guide on how to make money off your scrap metal (and how to help the environment out at the same time – win-win!)

Step one: collect your scrap metal

Make sure you have got enough metal worth recycling, if you’re unsure of how much you need before recycling you can head over to the Maxilead Metals site for more information, or contact us directly and we’ll help you in the best way we can!

Step two: know your metal

Now that you have your metal collected together, it is worth differentiating which type of metal it is. There are typically two types: ferrous and non-ferrous.

It’s worth knowing this to find out the rough worth of your scrap, as non-ferrous metals typically hold a higher value than ferrous. Remember, Maxilead are always updating their prices to remain ahead of the market and always offer you the best prices

Step three: get a quote

Once you know how much, and what you have to sell it is then time to get in touch. Maxilead is on-site five days a week and will welcome trade customers, part-time scrap metal collectors and members of the public. What’s more, we are always available to help you and put our best services forward.

Printed weight tickets and payment details are issued and dealt with onsite. We are based in Manchester, but for more information on finding us or our opening times, head over to our contact page.

Step four: kick back and relax

You’re done – it is that easy. Maxilead are the experts in scrap metal recycling so let us take care of everything, it’s what we do.

After your metal is sold to us, it can undergo many technical processes on-site with our state of the art machinery, including:

  • Secure destruction
  • Magnetic segregation
  • Metal processing (shearing and baling)
  • Container loading
  • Cable granulation

It is then sold to locations all over the world.

To find out more about what is involved in selling your metal, head over to our site. Or, to start your recycling journey – get in touch today.

Thu, 18 March 2021

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