Huge Scrap Metal Soldier Unveiled

It’s not often we see a scrap metal sculpture that leaves us, here at Maxilead Metals, speechless. However, a fascinating sculpture down in Dorset has managed to do just that.

Talented artist Martin Galbavy has been working on the project for the last three months, to mark the one hundred year anniversary of World War One. The sculpture itself stands proud at over 20ft tall, and is made entirely from scrap metal items, such as car jacks, horseshoes and brake discs. It’s been called ‘The Haunting’, and it certainly serves as a haunting reminder of the millions of lives lost all those years ago.

Image credit: BBC

The figure has been created to look like the ghost of a soldier, who is weary from his time at war. It’s a commission from a forge near Sherborne, who plan to put him on display next year.

It’s now 100 years since one of the bloodiest wars of all time. Has mankind learned anything from these horrific events? Only time will tell. One thing’s for sure though – this proud figure will stand as a reminder of the millions of sacrifices made, for years to come.

Image credit: BBC

Tue, 23 March 2021

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