Making The Environment Our Business

We all know how important it is to recycle, and as reports earlier this month showed that household recycling in the UK had improved to 40.8% by the end of 2010, Maxilead Metals are even more determined to help businesses ‘keep up with Jones’ by providing specialist recycling solutions that help to sustain natural resources and protect the environment.

As one of the largest industry sectors in the UK, metal manufacturing contributes more value to the UK economy than the aerospace and motor industries combined and as a result, metal recycling is essential. With more than 400 million tones of metal being recycled across the world each year, the metal recycling industry is now worth over £5.6 billion in the UK alone.
As an environmentally conscious metal recycling company Maxilead Metals understand that there is more to scrap metal recycling than just financial reward…

An invaluable way of protecting the environment and safeguarding natural resources for the future, metal recycling also saves energy. It is estimated that using recycled raw metals and materials cuts CO2 emissions by 200 million tonnes each year – simply because the production methods of processing recycled materials are less energy consuming than the processes used for processing raw materials. For example, recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the energy and produces only 5% of the CO2 emissions – compared to the primary production process and reduces the waste going to landfill.

The benefits are clear, and that’s why we’re proud make the environment our business.

Fri, 11 November 2011

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