Scrap Metal Accreditations

Here at Maxilead Metals, we pride ourselves on being a responsible scrap metal dealer. But why should you trust us?

We have a variety of accreditations to our name, so that our customers can be rest assured that they are dealing with a reputable and ethical business.

Here’s why you should choose us as your reputable scrap metal dealer:

Health & Safety is assured

Being accredited by the British Safety Council means that Maxilead Metals is recognised for always maintaining high standards of health and safety in the workplace.

As a scrap metal business, our staff operate heavy machinery and deal with sometimes hazardous substances, so being accredited by the Safety Council means that our customers can rest assured that everything is recycled safely, and with minimal impact on our staff and surroundings.

In fact, last year the bronze FORS certification was awarded to us for our impeccable health and safety standards. For information about this certification, click here.

All our scrap is ethically recycled

Here at Maxilead Metals, we are proud members of the British Metals Recycling Association. This means that we must adhere to a set code of practice that ensures we are recycling our scrap metal in a way that does not harm the environment.

Trusting a scrap metal dealer without an accreditation like this one is a risky business. How can you rest assured that they are not recycling the metal illegally?

Our planet is precious, and we need to take care of it. That’s why it is more important than ever to recycle any scrap, be it metal or otherwise, ethically and responsibly.

We’re not criminals

Our quality management system accreditation means that Maxilead Metals meets international business, government and society standards.

This means that, unlike some scrap metal ‘dealers’, we are not criminals. The scrap metal industry has long been given a bad name by criminals operating as reputable dealers, and with this accreditation our customers can rest assured that we comply with the standards set by the government.

As a further deterrent to criminals operating within the scrap metal industry, the government made it illegal to buy scrap metal for cash in the UK in 2012. For more information about this legislation, and to find out how you can become a trusted Maxilead member, click here.

Tue, 23 March 2021

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