Top Four Reasons to WEEE Recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle – the three R’s of recycling are pivotal in ensuring we look after our planet. We only have one Earth after all! But what about WEEE recycling? WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and with more households than ever before using electrical items at an increasing rate, it’s important that we all know what WEEE recycling is and the benefits of it.

1.  It’s healthier for the environment, and us too!

When WEEE objects are put into landfills, they release harmful toxins that are dangerous to the environment – just imagine the kind of nasty stuff that an old, decaying car battery will leak whilst it’s in the ground! These toxins can be lethal to humans and animals, and include chromium, mercury, lead, PVC and PCB.

What can happen if these substances are left to pollute the ground? These materials are all harmful to the nervous system and the brain, with some even proposing a lethal danger to the brain, heart, lungs or kidneys.

When WEEE materials are recycled, it stops them from being thrown into landfills and polluting our planet. Instead, they can be made into something new.

2.  We are running out of space in landfill sites

Speaking of throwing things into the ground, did you know that we’re actually running out of space in landfill sites? The Earth can only stand having a certain amount of junk pushed into it, and at some point in the near future we’re going to have to find somewhere else to dump our waste.

Recycling WEEE materials, and any other materials come to think of it, helps us to preserve the landfill space we have left. Plus, did you know that 75% of waste is recyclable anyway? So if we all pull together we can make the world a much less landfill-reliant place.

3.  Recycling creates jobs

WEEE recycling is a complex process that needs experts to enable it to run smoothly. The more WEEE materials that are recycled, the more jobs can be created in the recycling industry. Recycling and waste management requires a modest amount of labour to allow it to exist, and a booming recycling industry is great for economy.

4.  It stops raw materials from going to waste

The Earth’s natural resources are limited, so it’s important that we preserve them when possible and use them carefully. Each year on our planet, we cumulate almost 50 million tonnes of WEEE, which can be recycled into a whole host of things including computers, phones and cars.

Recycling our old WEEE materials stop them from just sitting there taking up space in our living rooms, and enable them to be made into something more useful.

Here at Maxilead we recycle all types of WEEE, for more details click here.

Tue, 23 March 2021

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