What Can You Expect If You Buy Metal From Us?

In the UK, metal recycling is a £5 billion industry, and over four hundred million tonnes of metal is recycled each year. We currently sell five thousand tonnes of scrap metal every year to our customers around the world, and as we have been doing this for over thirty years, we are able to deliver an exceptional and expertly tailored service to all of our trusted partners.

So what can you expect if you choose to buy metal from us? First of all, you will need to become one of our approved buyers. To start this process all you have to do is get in touch with our dedicated sales / exports contact – Tom Clay.

Once you have become one of our approved buyers we can begin to sell / export our scrap metal to you. We are able to export metal to areas all around the world including Europe, the Middle East, India, South East Asia and the Americas. Due to having such a vast array of contacts across the globe this means that we are completely aware of specifications, both in the UK and internationally, that we need to adhere to. So you can rest assured that, no matter where you are in the world, your scrap metal will arrive in a condition that you can work with.

So how do we ship our scrap metal? We have state of the art machinery and a dedicated workforce. Our container tilter has been specifically designed to load 20ft shipping containers quickly and efficiently. With over 85,000 square feet of internal warehouse space and a two acre fully concreted yard, we have the space and resources to provide you with a quality service that will suit your specific needs.

Did you know?

• Almost half of crude metal is made from recycled material

• A Boeing 727 contains about 4080 kilos of recycled copper

• Cars are made from almost 100% recycled steel

• Aluminium, iron, steel & stainless steel, iron, copper, lead, tin, zinc, brass, bronze and magnesium can all be recycled.

You can contact Tom on 0161 790 5105 or drop him an email at [email protected] to get started. Tom specialises in the sale of ferrous & non-ferrous scrap metals to countries both in and outside the EU.

Thu, 25 March 2021

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