What is Smart Water?

Smartwater is a liquid that’s applied to items of value to trace criminals. The unique traceable components of Smartwater are invisible to the naked eye, unless placed under an ultraviolet light, so it’s perfect for deterring potential thieves in public areas.

Why use Smartwater?

Smartwater is made from a liquid that contains a unique code, which can only be seen under ultraviolet light. This allows the item to be traced back to wherever the thief has taken it. Smartwater can also be sprayed onto the criminal, which is especially useful if the item has been damaged but not removed.

Once Smartwater gets onto the criminal, it cannot be washed off for a number of months, meaning that there is a large window of opportunity for the authorities to catch up with them.

According to Phil Cleary, the inventor of Smartwater, the components of the liquid allow for millions of ‘chemical signatures’, which creates an identification that is even more distinguishable than fingerprint DNA technology.

There have been over 600 criminal convictions made using Smartwater.

Smartwater and Maxilead Metals

Here at Maxilead Metals, we know a great idea when we see one, that’s why we have a number of Smart Water torches to identify any stolen good on site, and we never buy scrap metal that has the Smart Water forensic liquid mark.

For more information on selling your scrap metal to us, click here.

Tue, 23 March 2021

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