What Is The Best Way To Scrap My Metal?

If you wish to recycle scrap metal, you may well be opening the door to a very lucrative activity – as long as you make the most of all opportunities and take the right approach.

You may have heard that used items made from copper, aluminium or other metals can fetch a good price if sold as scrap metal – and it’s true. However, bringing smaller collections of items in to be recycled in dribs and drabs is perhaps not the best use of your time and effort. Here at Maxilead we can recommend the best approach to cashing in your scrap metal in a way that is practical and will make you the most money possible.

Scrap Collection

If you’re in charge of a construction or demolition site, getting in touch with us will be extremely worth your while. One of the best options is to fill skips/containers that we will deliver to your site for you and exchange and collect upon request. This is one of the best approaches to scrap metal recycling, as you will not need to sacrifice the time and money required to transport all your items to our recycling plant. You will be charged a small amount for skip hire, but the value of the scrap metal is then paid directly to you. It’s often the case that we can negotiate a suitable on going contract if you know that your site or project will continue to produce surpless scrap metal for the foreseeable future.

Deliver Your Scrap Metal To Us

If you are in possession of a considerable amount of scrap, but not to the degree that you are filling whole skips, it’s still worth bringing your items to our recycling plant. You can save a great deal of time – and possibly ensure that you are paid a little more – by doing some preparation before you arrive. You should separate your items by ferrous and non-ferrous types, then divide them again by individual material. If you need help with sorting items, give us a call and we can always advise.

Small Amounts of Scrap

At Maxilead, we are willing to accept small amounts of metal – even individual pieces – but the amount you will gain from this is likely to be rather small. We do not offer a collection service for small quantities, the value wouldn’t cover the time and transport costs, but we will accept any quantity brought to us. Time is money, so it may be worth waiting to collect larger amounts before you take the trip.

When it comes to money making, the best tip is to collect at much metal as you can at any one time and sort into grades to receive the best prices possible.

Thu, 11 March 2021

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