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What are the Most Valuable Scrap Metals to Cash In?

If you’ve unearthed a decent amount of scrap metal during a property clear out or a demolition project, it’s likely that you’ll come away with a profit if you’re willing to take it to a trusted recycling specialist. But how much can you expect to make from your old metals?

Here, Maxilead Metals – seasoned scrap metal experts and skip hire providers – list the metals you can expect to make the most cash from when you recycle them.


It’s a precious metal, so it’s pretty easy to predict that silver is one of the most valuable materials you can scrap. It’s actually worth more than gold in this particular circumstance, as you can actually find quite a bit of the latter as part of the inner workings of electronic items. Larger items that may contain silver include commemorative plaques and even the wheels of vehicles, though it’s more likely to exist as an alloy here.

Silver is usually only found in jewellery and other decorative items, and even then, many people are disappointed to find that something they thought was solid silver is actually only silver-plated, or some form of silver alloy. While you can still fetch a reasonable amount for these kinds of scrap, you’re guaranteed to make much more if the items you find are silver through and through.

The weight of silver and gold is commonly measured in grams.

But how much is silver worth? Well, you’re likely to make different amounts depending on the metal’s purity. 500 silver (that is, an item that is 50% silver) can earn you significantly less, whereas, at the other end of the scale, sterling silver is worth just over £3 for the same weight.


Copper is so valuable not because it’s rare – in fact, a great deal of the world’s copper remains underground, unmined – but because its incredible versatility means it is easily melted and reshaped again and again with no loss of its original facets. As a result, this particular metal is also extremely valuable to the environment, as reforming it uses only a fraction of the water and energy that mining it would, and also produces minimal greenhouse gases by comparison. Copper can be scrapped in multiple forms – including heavy copper, braziery copper and bright copper wire.

Heavy copper is worth £4.20 per kilo, braziery copper £3.60 per kilo and bright copper wire £4.60 per kilo.

You’ll find various types of copper in everything from ornaments to appliances, and, on a larger scale, in household pipes and wiring – and even occasionally in guttering on roofs. It’s definitely something to look out for if you’re undertaking a demolition project.


Often found in car radiators, taps, door fittings and plaques and – of course – particular musical instruments to name but a few sources, brass can fetch you a pretty penny at your local scrap dealership.

Brass in good condition should fetch you around £2.90 per kilo.

Other Valuable Metals

If you’re hoping to make a good amount from scrapping your old metals, you should also consider gathering together any steel, lead, aluminium, titanium you no longer need. These are all highly sought after by dealers, so you’re likely to come away with a good sum.

In order to get the best price possible for your scrap metals, you’ll need to ensure that all items are clean, and that ferrous and non-ferrous metals (which means, respectively, that they do and do not contain iron) are sorted into separate containers.

If you’d like to find out how much your scrap is worth, simply fill out the contact form on Maxilead Metal’s website, including as much information as you can, and one of their specialists will get in touch with you as soon as possible.