Recycling Your Vehicle: A Guide

In September 2000, the government passed a law that meant that the recycling of vehicles had to be done in a way that was environmentally friendly. Here at Maxileads, we use the latest technology to ensure that we destroy vehicles in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible. Here are the five stages of car recycling.

First, we will weigh your vehicle

It is important that we weigh your vehicle, as this will determine how much you will get paid at the end of the process.

Second, we will depollute your vehicle

One of the most important stages of recycling a vehicle is depolluting. To do this we remove the tyres (which will be reused if they are in good condition) and drain any hazardous fluids such as petrol. This is an extremely complicated process, as we must also remove the vehicle’s battery, catalytic converter and any other hazardous materials such as mercury and sodium azide, which is the propellant that is found in car airbags.

Thirdly, we will destroy your vehicle 

Once we have depolluted your vehicle we will then destroy it. This is done in less than forty seconds by crushing the remaining shell into a cube – so that it can be transported to its next location with ease and in bulk. The next stop for your crushed vehicle will most likely be a shredder where it will be downsized.

Next, we will notify DVLA.

We will take your v5 logbook and let the DVLA know that your vehicle has been scrapped. After this, we will issue you with a certificate of destruction that you can keep with your records.

Then, we will pay you.

Once the vehicle scrapping process is complete, we will pay you by cheque or with a bank transfer. How much you get paid will be determined by the weight of the vehicle. This guarantees our customers that they will be getting the best price for their recycled vehicle – without all the paperwork!

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Did you know…

  • 25 million tonnes of materials are recycled from vehicles each year
  • Nearly 8 million vehicles are recycled every year in Europe
  • About 80% of a vehicle can be recycled
  • On average, most cars will have around 25% of its body made from recycled steel.

Thu, 25 March 2021

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