Household Items You Can Scrap for Money Right Now

There could be a veritable treasure trove in your home. Kitchen goods, old cars, fencing… if it’s metal then it’s bound to be worth something. Today, we look at exactly what you should be looking for around the house for maximum cashback.

But first, a few tips.

Tips for Scrap Metal Recycling

  1. Before you scrap, pick a reputable scrap dealer.
  2. Work out what type of metal you have. Scrap is divided into ferrous and non-ferrous. If a magnet sticks to it, it is ferrous and not as valuable as non-ferrous. Non-ferrous metals like copper, aluminium and brass command much better prices.
  3. Work out a rough value of the item you need scrapping before you let it go. You can work this out by finding out up-to-date metal prices and weighing the item.

As long as the item is predominately metal, a scrap yard will take it. And if you own any of the following items, you could soon be receiving some nice hard cash as a reward.

Household Items You Can Scrap

1. Cars

The value of scrapping a car varies due to a number of factors: the current metal value, if there are any specialist parts within the vehicle such as aluminium wheels, the weight of the vehicle – and so on. However, due to the average size of a car, and the amount of metal involved, this is one everyday item that provides the most financial gain in scrap. Just remember that to weigh in your vehicle you will need your V5 log book.

2. Copper Boilers

Boilers are normally handled by plumbers, but if you do have an old boiler that needs replacing, hang on to it and see what you can get for it from the scrap yard. You could receive around £50.00 for an old boiler depending on the price of copper.

3.  Copper Piping

If you’re renovating your bathroom and getting rid of any old piping, leave it out of the skip and set it to one side for the scrap yard. You could receive quite a substantial amount for this. There are different grades of copper piping depending on the condition. For example piping with the fitting’s still on is graded in the business as Braziery Copper. If the piping has been used but is free of any fittings and joints, it is called Heavy Copper and if the piping is unused this will be graded as New Copper Tube.

4. Wiring and Cabling

During renovations, a lot of scrap metal is discarded. It pays to be canny during any rewiring. By stockpiling all the different types of valuable scrap wiring and cable coming out of the house, you will be surprised at the amount you get back from the scrap man.

Good luck with your treasure hunt!

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Tue, 23 March 2021

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